Review Policy

At True Crime Index we are committed to fostering an environment of safety, respect, and inclusivity at all times. Our reviews will always endeavour to use language that does not in any way erase the existence of queer people, BIPOC individuals, or people with disabilities. We will not review any true crime book that expounds hate speech of any kind. 

True Crime Index reviews true crime narratives from mainstream publishing and from academic presses in order to better unite the two genres. Therefore, we welcome all reviewers from all backgrounds. No reviewer must have an academic background to review for True Crime Index. 

All reviews are honest and thorough. We do not accept payment of any kind in exchange for a particular kind of review. 

We accept advance/review copies of books in Epub, PFD, paperback or hardback formats. Please note: our acceptance of a review copy may not ultimately guarantee a review of that book. 

We will promote our reviews on Twitter (@TrueCrimeIndex) and on Goodreads (TrueCrimeIndex) each time one is posted. 

If you encounter a problem with a review, or feel that a review should be edited to better reflect these guidelines, please email: